[!!!] IRIS II dropped in their ratings for their episode 3 D:

1st place - SBS’s ‘The Winter, The Wind Blows’. 13.4% ratings, with an increase of 2% from the previous episode.

2nd in place went to MBC’s ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’. 12.5% with an increase of 0.4% from the previous episode.

3rd in place was IRIS II. 10.8% with a decrease of 1.6% from the previous episode. 

We shall see if last night’s episode is also a fall in ratings..

(Credits: wiki.d-addicts, ratings above are based on AGB Nielsen Nationwide)

I haven’t been able to watch SBS’s The Winter, the Wind Blows and MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant so I will not comment much. However, the GIFs on Tumblr make me feel that the reason why viewers prefer to watch The Winter, the Wind Blows is because of the plot. The plot is interesting and heartbreaking. And, reviews are good. As compared with Iris II, I think maybe the viewers nowadays ain’t into dramas that are related to politics? (Maybe I was wrong. And, I feel there’s a bit of politics in it or was it not politics?). Or maybe viewers in the past are not picky when Iris I was aired in the 2009? 

Do you think the viewers are much more demanding for the sequel? Or was it that Iris II isn’t as good as predicted?