I want to go back to the times when I was still an idiot who knew nothing”-Secretly Greatly

when dongwoo gets excited, his eyes start to disappear ( ⌒ ∇ ⌒)ノ

One of the two must disappear for this to end.

"I just really want to hear your voice."




I reblog this coz one shipper shouldn’t let other shipper scream internally alone.


Yi Sang, Above and Beyond (2013)

Jo Seung Woo and Park Ha Sun in one drama, I want to hug MBC until the end of time for making it happened. 

Whut!? How could I even possible missing this drama last year! I knew Park Ha Sun acted in MBC’s Two Weeks~ Is this a drama or movie?? 

i…….. can’t even


GIF 1: He says ‘I love you more than anyone else’ in Chinese

GIF 2: He explains the meaning in korean

GIF 3: “I’m not saying it to you”

GIF 4: “I’m studying now”

NAUGHTY woobin


You can’t give me orders!
The hell I can’t! I’m a Captain!


Hello, my name is Dangermousie and I am a Hotel King-aholic.

It’s been months since I was obsessed with an airing kdrama but this one has got it hooks in me so fast. Revenge, family secrets, etc is all fun, but I am here for Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook as two beyond messed-up and undoubtedly star-crossed future lovers. She is Mone, the only daughter of a murdered hotel magnate whose seemingly shallow manner hides a real brain and a will of steel and he is Jayden, a former street kid ‘rescued’ by a ruthless rival of Mone’s father who has brought him up to get revenge on the man and help him take over the guy’s business empire, and periodically refers to Jayden as his ‘dog.’ (Therapy - please seek it!)

The above scene akdjkcghfjhgfjhgrthrjhtruth!!! He is such a robot but she is totally breaking through his casing - I loved that it took him such a long time to stroke her hair, and he was so tentative about it, as if human gestures of comfort are alien to him (which they are, seeing he lived on the streets and then was brought up by a homicidal psycho). And Lee Dong Wook whispering over and over “it’s OK” makes my hormones basically explode and die. She is waking him up!

Oh, and did I mention that he thinks she is his half-sister? (Even though any viewer with a modicum of brain or kdrama-viewing experience knows that is not the case). Ohhhh, the angst is going to be SO GOOD!!!!